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Meet us at Namescon Jan 10th – Jan 13th!

Namescon Jan 10th - Jan 13th

Namescon Jan 10th – Jan 13th

In just a little over a week, our team will be exhibiting at the 3rd annual Namescon domain conference at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada! Namescon is the leading domain conference in the industry, and the best place to do business with other domain industry professionals. We’ll be there between Sunday, Jan 10th and Wednesday, Jan 13th.  Continue reading

Improved “For Sale” Landing Pages

Our users have asked us for better and improved for sale landing pages for their parked domains, and today we’re happy to do just that. We’ve rolled out new for sale pages that not only improve the aesthetics and functionality, but also are far more effective in closing a domain sale. Continue reading

Bodis is Hiring!

Our company is hiring! Want to learn more about the inner workings of domain parking while working from your home within your own flexible schedule? Want your work to be recognized by thousands of Bodis users? Want to work for a company where ideas are brought first to the market? If you answered yes, then Bodis is the right place for you.

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Why Are Highly Valuable Generic Domains “Fail Listed”?

This week I came across a post on the Namepros forum (which can be found here), of a domain owner asking why his domain name has been “fail listed” by our primary upstream ad provider[?]. To those readers that don’t know, “fail listing” a domain is when our primary ad provider decides that a domain is not suitable for their network advertisers and decides not to serve any advertisements on it.

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Myth Debunked: Does too many domains in a single parking account affect revenue?

Today I thought I’d debunk a myth that I see show up on forums every now and then. That myth is that having too many domains or too much volume of traffic/revenue in a single parking account will negatively affect the final outcome of CPC (cost-per-click) and total revenue. Some users have claimed that splitting up their domain portfolio & traffic across multiple domain parking accounts helps increase their revenue.

The good news is that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Neither Bodis nor our “primary upstream ad provider” [?] will adjust CPC or revenue based on volume of domains / traffic / revenue. Thus it is safe and even encouraged to leave all domains & traffic in a single user account. Ofcourse, there are other parking companies and they may have their own algorithms & system for determining CPC and payouts (although I highly doubt they would decrease CPC as volume increases). Thus I can only speak for Bodis and our primary ad provider.

Hopefully this clears the air on this myth. There’s a lot of other myths and domain parking insight that I hope to share with our fellow readers in the near future.