Bank Transfer Minimum Threshold Changes

We’ve made some changes to the bank wire payout limits and how we handle bank payment options.

Previously, the minimum for bank wire transfer was 850 USD with no fees. The new payment structure allows you to choose your threshold. A fee may be assessed based on threshold chosen. See the new payment structure:

Minimum Threshold (in USD)Fee (in USD)
1,000 (default)0 (fee waived)

By default, users using bank wire transfer are now placed on the 1,000 USD minimum payout threshold which is the new default threshold. There is no fee assessed for any payouts with this threshold set. If your end of month payment balance does not reach 1,000 USD threshold, it will simply rollover to the following month(s) until the combined payment balances meet the minimum threshold. As long as you’re on the 1,000 USD minimum payment threshold setting, you will not be charged a fee. However, you have the option to receive payment earlier if you chose to do so. As a result, we charge a 25 USD fee for any of the lower tier thresholds.

This new payment structure allows us to better serve users that are not able to meet the 1,000 USD threshold and would like to receive payment earlier. The 25 USD fee is assessed due to the fees charged to us by our bank. Even though our bank assesses the same fee regardless of amount transfered, we waive it to you if you choose the 1,000 minimum.

Finally, if you are a user receiving payment in the United States, your bank wire has been automatically converted to an ACH (Direct Deposit) transfer. This allows you to avoid any incoming bank fees as typically banks do not charge any fees for incoming ACH transfers. Your payment should be delivered promptly in the same fashion as a wire transfer.

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