Registrar / Expiration Data in Manage UI

Exciting update today! We’ve added domain registrar info / whois info to the Manage Domains UI. This information will better allow you to manage your domains at your registrar, spot expiring domains up for renewal, and more.

We’ve added the following columns to the Manage UI:

  • Registrar Name
  • Registration Date
  • Expiration Date

Here is a glimpse of how the information looks in the Manage UI:

All of these fields are fully searchable and sortable.

The data is updated once every 30 days for active domains only. An active domain is defined as a domain that receives 1 or more visits either current or previous month.

We’re excited about this update as there will be much more we’ll be able to do with it in the coming future. In a future update, we’ll be utilizing this data further to better help inform you of expiring domains that are worthy of renewal, and more.

Feel free to comment below and provide any further suggestions or feedback regarding this update.

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