Domainers Using Falsified Parking Statistics

Recently, between the Namepros forum and Bodis support, we’ve been contacted by a number of Namepros members requesting that we validate screenshots of domain name statistics they’ve been propositioned with that were seemingly generated through

While we cannot disclose such information on an individual basis due to our client privacy policy, in the majority of these cases, it has turned out that these domain name statistics have been carefully falsified in order to heighten potential buyer interest.


This has become a recurring problem, but there are some protective measures that you can take if you are approached by a would-be sellers making similar claims.


  • Never trust screenshots. If the statistics/earnings are a big factor in your final decision to purchase a domain name, do not go on screenshots alone. These can be falsified with ease and may appear to be very consistent, even under careful scrutiny.
  • Research the domain name. Try to gain a clear understanding of where the supposed traffic is coming from. This may be from direct type-ins, backlinks, organic or a combination of these. Check the domain name’s ranking using an analytical tool such as Alexa. Research the popularity of any terms/keywords contained or associated with with the domain. Try using a keyword planner such as Google to gain knowledge of search volumes.
  • Screen sharing. Screen sharing allows you to directly view live pages you wouldn’t otherwise have direct access to. Statistics can be easily validated by requesting that the seller take you through a live detailed breakdown of their domain name’s traffic and earnings while logged in to their Bodis account. There are numerous websites and apps that offer free screen sharing services, this includes Skype.
  • Authorised disclosure of statistics. Request that the seller contact us directly to consent to the verification of the statistics they’ve supplied you with. Once authorised, we can easily validate these statistics for you.
If you have been propositioned by would-be sellers sharing statistics from that appear to be suspect, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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