Third Party Sales Options on Bodis

External Market Options on BodisOn Bodis, you have the ability to set your domain(s) for sale page to an external market of your choice. Instead of using a Bodis generated sale page such as an inquiry form you can set your for sale banner link to redirect to a third party sale lander such as one generated by Efty or Afternic.

Here are some details regarding the supported external marketplaces on our platform:


Above Marketplace 

The Above Marketplace is owned by Trellian Pty Ltd which operates the rotation platform. is operated by top industry experts that have been in the industry for well over a decade. Using the Above inquiry/sale pages is perfect for domain investors that want their domains handled by a company that knows the ins and outs of buying/selling and the domain industry in general. offers very competitive pricing for domains sold through their sale pages. Example of an sale page: Sales Lander



Commission rates:

  • 10% sales commission which includes all payment processing and domain transfers via registrar.



Afternic, owned by Godaddy and might as well be referred to as Godaddy, is an excellent option for setting your domain for sale to. Although with a high commission of 20% (and other commission rules apply based on sale price), the GoDaddy brand name is a household name trusted by millions and is certainly to increase your chances of a domain sale. Bodis uses a special Afternic landing page that uses the GoDaddy logo. By doing so, through various tests, the chances of a sale are significantly increased compared to using a standard Afternic landing page/logo. Example of an Afternic/GoDaddy landing page via the Bodis external market option:

Afternic (GoDaddy) Landing Page

The Afternic/GoDaddy commission rates for a successful sale:

20% commission ($15 minimum)* for sales on both the Standard Network and Premium Network.

* Commission rules:

  • $0 to $5000 20% ($15 minimum)
  • $5,001 to $25,000 $1,000 +15% of amount over $5k
  • $25,000 and over $4,000 +10% of amount over $25k


Efty is the leading commission-free domain name sales platform allowing you to create beautiful for-sale landing pages and your own custom marketplace. Efty does not operate on a commission based model. Instead it operates based on a paid membership model that is based on the # of domains in your account. All sales through the platform are commission free once you’ve joined and paid for a membership. Example of a sale landing page on Efty:

Efty Sales Lander

Paid membership rates (when billed annually):

  • Upto 50 domains – $6/month
  • Upto 1500 domains – $12/month
  • Upto 5000 domains – $25/month

GoDaddy Auctions

Similar to the Afternic option, a domain can utilize the GoDaddy Auction landing page. The commission rates are same to that of the Afternic landing page when sold via the GoDaddy Auction page. The only major difference we can see here is the different design / placement. Example of a domain name utilizing the GoDaddy Auction lander:

GoDaddy Auctions Lander


Commission rates:

  • Same as Afternic


Sedo, a subsidiary of German-based United Internet, has been in the business of selling domains since the year 2000. Advantages of selling a domain through a Sedo landing page include: their name recognition (perhaps the second most recognized domain aftermarket after Godaddy/Afternic), and the help and expertise of their experienced brokerage team which will make sure the transaction will go through smoothly and securely for all parties involved.

Example of a domain on a Sedo landing page:

Sedo Landing Page

Commission rates:

  • Sedo charges a fee of 15% of the gross selling price for the sale of a domain at a Buy Now or Make Offer price.

Undeveloped is a domain marketplace launched in 2014 with a focus on domain buyers. The goal of the marketplace was to make domain trading easier and to create a more transparent marketplace that would make buyers more comfortable purchasing a domain name. Undeveloped uses a clean and simple sale landing page that has a focus on providing the buyer with information. Undeveloped operates its own escrow service for the transaction of the domain name.

Example of a domain on an landing page:

Undeveloped Sale Lander

Commission rate:

  • 9% flat (excluding VAT if applicable)

UniRegistry Market

UniRegistry is the innovation by entrepreneur & domain name investor, Frank Schilling. Once the personal sales system used only by Frank, it was opened to the public in 2011 as DomainNameSales. One of the unique reasons to use the UniRegistry sale pages/inquiry pages is for its brokerage app which includes a mobile app for managing offers.

Example domain using the UniRegistry Market landing page/sale page:

UniRegistry Market Landing Page


Commission rates:

  • 0% if domain brokered by yourself via make offer
  • 15% if domain brokered by a UniRegistry broker
  • 10% on all BIN sales


Ultimately, you can always use the Bodis provided sale landers which are always a work in progress / always improving!

Let us know your favorite third party sale lander/system and why in the comments below!

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