Improved “For Sale” Landing Pages

Our users have asked us for better and improved for sale landing pages for their parked domains, and today we’re happy to do just that. We’ve rolled out new for sale pages that not only improve the aesthetics and functionality, but also are far more effective in closing a domain sale.

We’re offering two new for sale landers.

Escrow lander:

See it live at

See it live at

The Escrow lander allows you to set the BIN (Buy It Now) price for the domain name. It is simple yet effective at explaining the checkout process to the prospective buyer. It is integrated with, through which the transaction would occur. Setting your account details takes just a few seconds via your Bodis account settings.
Inquiry lander:

See it live at

See it live at

The inquiry lander works just like any other inquiry sale page. It allows a prospective buyer to fill out an inquiry/amount and forwards the message/offer to the seller.

We have quite a few customization options on our road map for the sale pages, and we’ll be writing about them on our blog as soon as we’re closer to announcing them.

In meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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