Myth Debunked: Does too many domains in a single parking account affect revenue?

Today I thought I’d debunk a myth that I see show up on forums every now and then. That myth is that having too many domains or too much volume of traffic/revenue in a single parking account will negatively affect the final outcome of CPC (cost-per-click) and total revenue. Some users have claimed that splitting up their domain portfolio & traffic across multiple domain parking accounts helps increase their revenue.

The good news is that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Neither Bodis nor our “primary upstream ad provider” [?] will adjust CPC or revenue based on volume of domains / traffic / revenue. Thus it is safe and even encouraged to leave all domains & traffic in a single user account. Ofcourse, there are other parking companies and they may have their own algorithms & system for determining CPC and payouts (although I highly doubt they would decrease CPC as volume increases). Thus I can only speak for Bodis and our primary ad provider.

Hopefully this clears the air on this myth. There’s a lot of other myths and domain parking insight that I hope to share with our fellow readers in the near future.


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  1. Why Park?

    Matt —

    Is parking still relevant for new gTLD’s?

    Is it safe to say that parking revenue is primarily generated from type-in traffic, namely traffic, and therefore impossible for new TLD portfolio holders to earn any money via parking with any parking company?

    Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Matt Wegrzyn Post author

    Not impossible, however unlikely. You are correct that most type-in traffic is typically not on the new TLD level domains.

    There could one day be a lot of traffic on the new GTLD domains. The likely source of traffic would be expired/backlink. If a GTLD domain is developed into a website and then the owner lets the domain expire, it gets drop caught, and parked by the new owner, then it would have similar expired/backlink traffic as a .COM or any other TLD would have today.

  3. dc

    I have also noted a significant drop as I added more domains.
    Is possible a bad domain affect to the rest?

    1. Matt Wegrzyn Post author

      Hi dc,

      No, that would not be a result of adding more domains to your account, as the article describes. I can definitely have support look into the account for you and see if there is anything they can find. I will pass your information to them, thank you.


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