New Feature: Google Analytics Tracking

Bodis now offers an additional layer of transparency by offering Google Analytics tracking for your parked domain names. With Google Analytics you’ll have additional insight and data points on your traffic, in addition to those offered by Bodis.

Setting up Google Analytics for your parked domains is relatively straight forward. First log into your Google Analytics account, and go to the Admin page. From there select the Property dropdown menu and Create new property.

Create Web Property

On the Create property page enter a name for the the property, such as “Bodis account”. Enter one of your parked domain names into the website URL box – this can be any single parked domain in your Bodis account. Upon submitting the form, your property ID will be created starting with UA-… This is your Analytics tracking ID:

Get Tracking ID

You may copy and enter this tracking ID in your Bodis Account Settings > Parking Settings page.

You should be able to see domain data in your Google Analytics account within 24 hours. Domain data can be viewed using the hostname dimension. We recommend that users create Custom Reports in Google Analytics and choose hostname as the primary dimension.

Note: Google Analytics may track visitor data differently than Bodis. As a result, you may see a difference in your reporting numbers compared to the reporting data offered by Bodis. This is normal as both systems may use slightly different formulas on calculating valid visitor data. For any questions or concerns, please contact our support team.

We hope you enjoy the new feature!



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