New Features – June 2019

Today we have released a new set of features that we have put together based on your requests and suggestions!

Please see below for a detailed explanation of each of these new features:

Enable/Disable Phone Number Field on Inquiry Form

By default, the phone number field is displayed on the inquiry form. You now have the option to disable the phone number field from the inquiry form from the Bodis UI page in Account Settings > Sale Settings.

Phone Number Field Setting





Email Verification for Sale Inquiries

If enabled, the potential buyer is now required to verify his/her email address before the domain inquiry is passed onto you, the domain owner. This will help reduce the amount of spam inquiries submitted. By default, this feature is now enabled. You may change this setting from the Account Settings> Sale Settings page of the Bodis UI.

Email Verify Option





Minimum Offer Price on Inquiry

You can now set a minimum offer price on a domain sale inquiry. If a minimum offer price is set for a domain, the potential buyer would be required to provide an offer that is equal to or greater than that price in order to submit the inquiry.

This is a domain-level and/or folder-level setting. You can set this option on one or more domains via the Domain Settings option UI. You can also adjust this setting for individual folder.


Custom Inquiry Text

Place your own content on the inquiry page. This feature allows you to enter upto 255 characters of text to display on the header of the inquiry page. This setting can be adjusted from the Domain Settings UI / Folder Settings for the Inquiry option.

Note: Currently only plain text is permitted.


Custom Inquiry Header Text


Custom Imprint

You can now modify the custom imprint on the footer of parked pages. The custom imprint option is an Account-level setting option that affects all domains with the ‘Imprint’ toggle set to ‘ON’. By default all domains do not show an imprint. You first would have to enable the ‘Imprint’ toggle to ‘ON’ for your domain(s), and then customize the imprint from Account Settings > Parking Settings in the Bodis UI. Maximum 255 characters permitted.

This option is useful for customers/domains in specific regions that require a legal imprint to satisfy laws of their residing jurisdiction.

Custom Imprint


You can now set notes for each domain name. By default, the Notes column is hidden in the Manage Domains UI. Add it to the Manage Domains UI via the ‘Columns’ setting.

In the future, Notes will be integrated into Reporting and other areas of the Bodis UI.

Faillist Status

We have changed the column ‘Ad Provider’ to ‘G Faillisted’ to provide clarity on the faillist status of your domain names.

This column displays the faillist status as classified by our primary ad provider. Indicates whether the domain is currently set to receive ads from our primary ad provider.

If the domain is marked as NO (not faillisted), the domain is eligible to serve ads from our primary ad provider.
If the domain is marked as YES (faillisted), the domain is NOT eligible to serve ads from our primary ad provider. The faillist reason provided by G is displayed.





We hope you enjoy these new set of features. As always, we’re already working on the next update which we hope to have for you soon!

In the meantime, please comment below if you have any questions or comments.

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