“Primary upstream ad provider”

First off I’d like to extend a warm hello and welcome to everyone reading this blog. My name is Matt Wegrzyn and I’m the founder & CEO of Bodis, a domain parking service. Our commitment for domain parking, along with our focus on innovation, has allowed us to be in this business for 8 years and counting.

A company blog for Bodis was inevitable. However my motivation to write about the inner workings of domain parking and a domain parking company has grown after years of reading endless misinformation in regards to domain parking and how it works. I also think our users as well as all other domainers have the right to know all the facts when it comes to domain parking. My belief is that knowledge is power, and I hope to share some of that knowledge with you.

I titled this blog post “primary upstream ad provider” for a reason. If you’re a domainer and have been parking your domains for a while, you likely have already came across this phrase a few times before. Maybe you’ve heard it on a forum or have heard it directly from someone at your parking company. Usually, people come to me and say something along the lines: “Me and you both know who it is, so why do you keep referring to them this way?”. Well I’m about to answer this question. The reason we go by “primary upstream ad provider” is because of a confidentiality agreement between us (the parking company), and this “ad provider”. The agreement specifically forbids us mentioning the ad provider by name. In business, everything is bound by an agreement. And if we sign a business agreement that includes these terms, we’re expected to abide by it.

The reason I began with this topic is because in future blogs, we’ll be using this term almost every time. We really want you, the reader, to understand why we use this term the way we do. We’ll always have the clients’ interests at heart, and we’re committed to delivering the best domain parking experience in the industry. We want you to understand parking a little more and feel more comfortable when parking domains. I believe providing some transparency will help achieve that goal.

Feel free to post any comments or questions you may have.

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  1. Matt Wegrzyn Post author

    Tom – no it’s not Bing.

    David – you’re welcome! That’s half the purpose of this blog, to share the knowledge. It doesn’t go for all secondary ad providers. But there’s more than a handful of these providers. We refer to all of them as secondary since it is easier for everyone. We also sometimes refer to them as “ZeroClick ad providers”. Not all of them are known brands.

  2. Max

    thanks for sharing Matt, but for those who are still in the dark, your sharing is like you’ve said nothing at all, haha

    to help those: Matt has clarified that it’s not bing, and let’s face it, yahoo is half dead and who else could it be?
    ‘is it baidu.com’, i heard some of you said
    –no, it’s not’
    Go figure, haha

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  4. history buff

    I had a problem where my perfectly good and clean domains were blocked by your upstream provider, Google, and all went 2nd tier. 2nd tier is lower revenue and exposure to traffic. I am not interested.
    The same domains are not blocked on my Google Adsense account. Your company was looking into why these 300 or so domains were blocked on your feed and finally admitted there are 2 different block lists and blamed it on Google.
    Bodis never got back to me about that last year. Makes me wonder if priority is being given to other names and I get the leftovers. I figured it out and you want me to go away. I did. Trust lost with me.
    “Upstream Provider”? Everybody knows the landscape. Too easy to guess. Did they actually tell YOU how it works?

    1. Matt Wegrzyn Post author

      History Buff – I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our customer support. I can assure you that a lot has changed at our company, especially in regards to customer service. I will have support reach out to you so that we can fix the problem.

      As far as the two block lists are concerned – our ad provider does maintain a different block list of domains on the parking side than the block list with Adsense. If your parked domain names were blocked on our parking service, then they would also end up being blocked with all parking companies that use the same provider as we do. Unfortunately, they do not provide us with a reason on why a domain was blocked.

      I am passing your information to our support. We will try our best to determine the reason as to why your domains were blocked.

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    1. Troy Marks

      Hello Ik,

      Here’s a brief rundown of some of the highest paying CPC/EPC keywords in domain name parking today: Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney, Credit, Lawyer, Donate, Degree, Hosting, Claim.

      However, traffic quality does play a big role in EPC, and so a well targeted ad click by a visitor from, say, the Untied States, tends to yield better results than if a similar ad was clicked by a visitor located where advertiser competition is lower.


      1. Carl Demers

        Look Troy,
        I own some insurance domain name with cpc is $37.00 to $68.00
        that good for my domain or not.
        Also on adwords with over 165.000 to 550.000 exact/search

        Last thing I buy webcam.gratis and blog.gratis
        On adwords [webcam.gratis/receive 22,200 exact/search]
        and [blog.gratis/receive 12,100 exact/search]
        What you thing about it.

        Thanks for your times.


        1. Troy Marks

          Hello Carl,

          Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Domain names containing exact matches for high EPC/CPC keywords and phrases is not always a sure indicator that it will perform well when parked.

          For example, if your new GTLD domains, webcam.gratis, blog.gratis, etc., haven’t been developed and SEO optimized prior to parking them, it’s unlikely that they will yield a great deal of traffic, regardless of search volume, since direct type-ins are generally quite low for new GTLDs at this time.

          However, the best way for you to assess your traffic would be to begin parking your domain names with us.

          If you have any further questions, or you need any assistance getting set up, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, Support@Bodis.com.


  7. Carl Demers

    I’m new to the blog,
    I send 48 domain name on parking.
    for some weeks, and on another blog,
    people talk about parking Bodis, and these positive


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