Set Custom Keywords Feature Live

We’ve introduced a way to let you set custom master keywords (suggest keywords) and related search terms on your domain names. This will allow you to fine tune and target more relevant ads on your domains when the default keywords/terms are not relevant.

Below we will describe each of these settings, what they do, and how to use them.

Master Keywords

The “master keyword” setting allows you to set a comma delimited list of keywords. These keywords are passed as a suggestion for G to render related search terms on the landing page. They are also used to optimize and better match tier2 ads/advertisers whenever traffic on your Domain Settings: Keywordsdomain is sold to a tier2 advertiser.

It is usually best to enter two or three keyword phrases that are relevant to your domain. For example, if your domain is your master keyword(s) should look something like this:

car insurance,home insurance,free insurance quote

A maximum of 100 characters in length in total is permitted.


Related Search Terms

The “related search terms” settings allows you to set the exact terms that appear on the landing page, line by line. A maximum of 30 terms is allowed, but it is recommended to set between 5-7 terms per domain name. An example for would be as follows:

Car Insurance

Home Insurance

Insurance Quotes

Free Insurance Quotes

Auto Insurance

Life Insurance

Pet Insurance

A maximum of 50 characters per search term is permitted


The Approval Process

Each entry goes through a manual approval process by the Bodis team. When an entry is pending approval, the terms are shown grayed out on the main UI Manage screen, and have a ‘Pending Approval’ message when viewing the keywords on the domain settings screen.

When an entry is approved, it is then enabled and live on the domain name. The approval process shouldn’t take longer than 24-48 hrs.

When an entry is denied, you will receive a Bodis UI message center notificiation notifying you of the domains denied and the reason. You will also see a red icon next to the keywords/terms in the Manage UI screen for the irrespective domain. Most commonly an entry will be denied due to keywords/terms set being irrelevant to the domain name.

It is recommended to set both the master keyword(s) and the related search terms on your domains for optimal results/performance.


We hope you enjoy the new feature!

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